Business-Champion-Award 2018

" Business meets sports "


Award ceremony of the Business Champion Award in the Stadtgeschichtliches Museum-Leipzig

The new location in the museum, a very worthy setting where the award ceremony took place on 16 September, where the personalities who have made the sport of the region deserve a prize.

The celebrities battled with the triathlete Bianca Bogen, the star coach Frank Embacher and the Icefigthers who helped to raise funds for the Ralf Rangnick Foundation.

The winners of the evening 2018


Michael Sparfeld
Guido Schäfer
Sören Münch
Handball legend Kerstin Mühlner
Andre Krüll
Roman Knoblauch
Tim Thoelke


EUKM9761.JPG BMWD2359.JPG FHPB5811.JPG GZVT3685.JPG P1030586.jpg
Guido Schäfer Kerstin Mühlner & Steffen Freund Andre Krüll & Micheal Sparfeld Roman Knoblauch & Tim Thoelke Micheal Sparfeld

Business Champion 5a.jpg Business Champion 5a.jpg Business Champion 5a.jpg

exclusively handmade glass cups for the "Business Champion Award 2018"


already in the 4th year, the exclusive glass cups of the

Victor Alexander - Factory, Walter Wiesmüller was responsible for the design.




Impressions Award Ceremony 2018
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The Business Champion Award was created by Karsten Tornow, figure skating icon Katharina Witt and European Football Champion Steffen Freund.


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