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World Rally Points at the Leipzig Tennisclub 1990

Also in 2017, we will again award world league points at the LEIPZIG OPEN 2017 World Ranking List Tournament for Ladies ITF Women's Circuit with a prize money of in total 15,000 dollars.

Since 2005, the tournament has been part of the German Masters Series.

The 19th International Saxon Championships will again be held at LEIPZIG OPEN 2017. Ladies and gentlemen are fighting for the Saxonian crown and prize money of 10,200 dollars.

Magdalena Frech (POL) is the winner of the ITF Ladies Circuit 2017



In an exciting match, Magdalena Frech (POL) ranking 254 won the World Cup on 254 with a 6: 2 7: 6 win over Richel Hogenkamp (NED) ranking 94

Richel Hogenkamp (NED) Magdalena Frech (POL)


Winners Cups of Victor Alexander Glasmanufaktur


already in 12th year of the exclusive glass trophies were manufactured by

Victor Alexander Glassworks, for the design was Walter Wiesmüller responsible.

Each of these glass cups is handmade and unique & was exclusively made for the
ITF Pro Circuit Tournament Women under the Leipzig Open 2017 manufactured.

Winners in doubles  Valentyna Ivakhneko (RUS Ranking 239)  /  Lidziya Marozava (BLR Ranking 742)


Winners of the 2017 ITF World Cup tournament in Leipzig are

Valentyna Ivakhneko (RUS) & Lidziya Marozava (BLR), who defeated Tereza Mrdeza (CRO) & Ankita Raina (IND) with 6: 2 & 6: 1.

The double final will be 25 points for the World Cup

All the players had earned the big final applause.

Tereza Mrdeza (CRO) Ankita Raina (IND) Lidziya Marozava (BLR) Valentyna Ivakhnenkon(RUS)
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Impressionen der Leipzig Open

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See you at the Leipzig Open 2018

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