9 Saxon International Tennis Championships

30th June - 02 July 2006 in Leipzig, Sports Forum / Nordanlage

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Markus Hantschk ,triumphs


The former German champions Mark Denk won the Men's Open competitors BOSCH Leipzig in 2006.

In a demanding athletic finals he was able to set to one Sebastian Fitz beat in two sets.


Lydia Steinbach ,defends title


In a good game, Lydia Steinbach has just backed up again the title of International Champion Saxony after 2005. 6-2 6-2 was the end result.

The match was exciting but clearly. Adriana Barna had only at key moments in the cold, because Steinbach had concentrated, as it dated back in the second set 0:2.

Deserved win and 1,900 euros in prize money.

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If tennis, then not without football: For some, the organizers will kick the 9th Saxon International Tennis Championships -

Weekend Bosh Leipzig Open on the course of LTC in the sport forum.

We have installed a screen, so that not only during the Summer tomorrow-night party, players and guests the next round of

Can follow German team, promises Association Vice Mathias Reuschel great cinema.

They also state that the first time the band The LTC Sists show that tennis players are passionate football fans, but also ambitious musicians.

A direct hit lands guarantees 1 Men's team. Because they will get a Skoda Octavia.

Thus, in addition to Audi Cup winner Jirka Skolaudic also young players like Manuel Paulick, Marius and Marcus Schumacher Aghte have the opportunity to participate in tournaments in Europe.

The idea and funding came from the business club together for Leipzig.

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Another night sleep / trophies presented

In a few hours it is: Friday, around 10:15 clock starts with the first round match of the men's final phase of this year's

BOSCH Leipzig Open.

Then the reported male and female players are fighting not only for the total prize money of 10,200 euros and the title of the International Saxon master, but also the precious winner trophies which this year again from Leipzig glass artist Walter Wiesmüller were designed and donated. At a press conference on Tuesday, the trophies were presented to the public.

They were joined by numerous sponsors, a first look at the colorful trophies do not want to miss. Besides Mario Busch (Bosch Security Systems), Dr. Mathias Reuschel (S & P) and Walter Wiesmüller (Titian design) could also Rulf woman (fashion house Fischer),

Mr. Horn (Medica Hospital) and Mr. Sauske will be greeted by Castle Schkopau.
All involved the large anticipation was noted on the tennis event of the season.
So it can go

Germany - Premiere - Leipzig

the only existing glass - Tennis - Stadium

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